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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pick the Perverts

I just completed my first web-based game, Pick the Perverts. I collected information and pictures of 3,524 convicted criminals from the Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository. See if you can identify who has been convicted of a sex offense.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New page URL

I just registered jspenguin.org, so my blog URL is now http://blog.jspenguin.org/. The old URL will redirect to the new URL for as long as cjb.net is around (which should be awhile).

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No "child fucking photos" here.

This may seem totally obvious to most of you, but there are a lot of sick fucks using the internet. About half of the Google hits on my rants page are searches for anti-Microsoft, anti-AOL, etc. About 5% are people looking for information and/or statistics on child molesters. The rest are from querys such as the following:

  • "child fucked"

  • "child fucking machine"

  • "child fucks child"

  • "hard child fuck"


  • "child fucks"

  • "forced children to fuck"

  • "children get fucked hard"

  • "children get fucked"

  • "fuck with child"

  • "hard fucking child"

  • "hard fuck child"

  • "fuck hard children"


  • "child girls fucking"

  • "tech child to fuck gallery"

  • "child hard fuck"

  • "fucking child"

  • "child+fucking photo"

Fucking perverts. Do you honestly think Google indexes those kinds of pages?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Screw you,, you canadian prick.

I just found 17 nearly identical lines in my web server log: - - [10/Oct/2005:13:00:44 -0500] "GET /lab3d_sdl/files/LAB3D-SDL-2.32-Windows-20050530.zip HTTP/1.1" 206 107233 "http://jspenguin.cjb.net:8080/lab3d_sdl/files" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.00; Windows 98)"

Why would anybody possibly want to download this game 17 times in a row? Could it be that it does not run on your shitty little Win98 box? I see you used Opera the first time. Did you somehow think that Opera had corrupted the file? What makes you think Internet Explorer would be any better? Upgrade your fucking system and leave mine alone.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Power outage

The power went out at home while I was gone. I don't know when, but my machine was off when I got home. To top it all off, when I started it back up, my IP address had changed. Ever since I have had Cox, the only time my address changed was when I changed NICs. What happened this time? I didn't even get a 68.103 address -- it's in a completely different block. Oh well, it will be changing again when my DSL modem arrives from SBC. Hopefully, they'll be a lot better.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yin-Yang Cats

This is too cute: Yin-Yang Cats. Those are my cats, but I didn't see the Yin-Yang right away.

I posted this picture in a Totalfark thread, and somebody else posted it on this forum. How did I find out? Web server logs. Gotta love 'em. Just be warned that I can change these images at any time to anything I want. If I didn't think this was so cute, I would have changed it to this image if I was feeling nice, and another image otherwise (I won't post it here).

Another fucking child molester

From Friday's Eagle: (I'm just catching up here) Ex-coach at Mulvane pleads to sex assault

OK, I hate this motherfucker as much as anyone, but stories like this also make me hate the media. Not because they publish these stories; it's the stories they don't publish that pisses me off. Whenever a little girl is molested by a coach, teacher, or stranger, it's front page news. What happens when a kid is molested by her own father? Oh, people don't want to hear about that. People don't want to believe that a father can do that to his own children. Well, guess what: he can. And what's worse, in some states, he can get probation, even getting custody of the child back after "treatment". People need to know that the greatest danger to children is not the weird looking guy in the park, it's the people the child trusts.

Idiot bus driver leaves child on bus

From today's Eagle: Bus driver quits after leaving sleeping child

When I was in elementary school, I knew a girl that got left on a bus all night. This has got to be scary as hell for a kid. I'm just glad this kid was OK.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ok, I'm pissed. Already.

I was setting up my profile, and apparently, Blogspot does not think the URL http://jspenguin.cjb.net:8080/imgs/me-small.jpg exists. It didn't even check! There are no hits in my log for that url. I had to get my picture hosted somewhere else. But, if for some reason the free image host dumps my picture, it will always be available at that URL.

Hello World!

Hello, world! I created this blog because I got tired of updating my page by hand every time I wanted to say something. So, if you want to learn more about me, visit the about page on my site. You can also read my rants page to see some of the stuff I don't like. The front page doesn't have much content right now.